We at Creams are an organisation that is focused on bringing the best desserts with the highest quality to the masses. In accordance with all rules and regulations laid down by all governing bodies with respect to health and allowable ingredients, our compliance is both complete and surpasses the average.

Our social obligations are centred on the aim to help develop better desserts that are not only palatable but also strive to keep each item a healthier alternative to those already available in the market. We constantly advocate and practice higher social and environmental standards so that our clients and customers will be assured of only the best efforts on our part.

In our efforts to focus on all levels of compliance issues by the various different governing bodies, we strive to create items that are wholesome and healthy for human consumption, no matter the age or the lifestyle of our customers and clients.

We have all the relevant licences to carry out our business practices and constantly look into keeping up with any and all new regulations if and when they are introduced into the food industry.

Our products have all the necessary labelling, again, in total compliance with current regulations and we are careful to ensure all contents are clearly and legibly displayed. Our international trade options are easily available at our site for anyone wishing to venture into making any kind of large scale purchases or are interested in a partnership deal.

Our compliance agenda is created with the guidance of ensuring that all our team members and affiliates adhere strictly to all international health codes and requirements.

Creams started in the 90s with its first UK franchise. With all the research and careful designing, Creams is an established and reputable dessert franchise to be a part of.