Creams Cafe Lanches the SWEETEST Collab and NEW smoothie pots


Absolutely thrilled to announce our latest, and dare we say, SWEETEST collab with Popworks. It's EPIC! Say hello to our Sweet Loaded Popped Corn Chips. PLUS! Don't miss our NEW Smoothie Pots: Berry, Tropical, and Lime Green. Here to quench your thirst with 3 mouth-watering flavours that are a must-have during those on-the-go moments in the sun. 

Creams Cafe Unveils Irresistible Summer Delights: 5 Must-Try Treats for Your On-The-Go Adventures

Say hello to our NEW summer treats, made for those craving delicious on-the-go treats! From the irresistible Crookiewich, combining croissant goodness with ooey-gooey cookie dough and gelato, or Gelato Crofflewich, to the playful Crispy Ice Cream Curls. And for chocoholics, dive into indulgence with the Stuffed Pancake Bites or our Fruit Kebabs dripping with chocolate sauce. Whatever you decide, get ready to savour sweet moments under the sun with our lip-smacking desserts.

Say goodbye to ordinary shakes! Loaded Shakes have landed at Creams

As the warmth of spring embraces us, Creams Cafe, the UK’s best-loved dessert restaurant launches a tantalising NEW milkshake range. Think - desserts and milkshakes crammed into one delicious drink. The irresistibly decadent Loaded Shakes, offering the ultimate springtime sipping to suit everyone!

Get ready to cool down this summer with our NEW cold Frappes

Offering three delectable flavours - Strawberries & Cream, Caramel, and Coffee - these icy delights are a treat for the senses and gentle on your purse strings at just £4.45 each. So, go on. Treat your loved ones without busting the bank.

Creams Cafe is the ultimate dessert destination