Our Coffee

Creams CafΓ© have partnered with the Italian Aroma Coffee Company (Founded in 1992) to develop a bespoke coffee blend, just for Creams Cafes.

The quality of our Creams coffee is very important to us, therefore we selected a coffee partnership which would offer our guests only the best blend full of body coffee, made in a traditional Italian method.

The Creams CafΓ© blend of Brazilian Roasted Coffee, is roasted to a full chestnut colour and ideal for all day drinking, whist having an authentic traditional Italian coffee aroma and flavour.

The exceptional aroma of these beans convey a nutty, bittersweet, and chocolatey roast taste, delivered, of course with outstanding Creams quality.

We are proud of our Coffee and train our Baristas to ensure our coffee is of the highest standard.