Social Responsibility

Our policy is fairness and generosity both in-house and in the wider community.

Sweet Charity

Creams is about more than creating magical desserts. We’re also about sharing a bit of magic with the disadvantaged within our local communities by reaching out and giving back. We do this by getting involved in established charities and through our own initiatives.

We aim to bring a little joy to the underprivileged with dessert treats but we also help in a longer term way with funding and by offering career opportunities where possible. Our participation has already made a positive difference to many lives and our team continues to look for new ways to help support people in need. Creams’ benevolence isn’t limited to the UK – our involvement extends to helping those in need world-wide by supporting fair trade and charitable organisations that improve working conditions and fight exploitation of children and the desperate. As well as providing financial support we organise events and campaigns to raise awareness of issues and concerns that need help.

Less-abled people tend to face a tougher battle than most every day so we look for ways to ease their daily struggle. We especially want to help out with education, community projects, and recreational events. In a nutshell, we just want to help make a positive difference to the lives of others and we feel privileged to be in a position to do so.

Creams has been a donation partner for Asia Pacific Children’s Fund for several years and our involvement with the Prince’s Trust aims to restore young people’s lives back by helping them into dignified work and careers.

fair and legal

Creams focus is on bringing the very best desserts to as many people as possible. We do this without losing sight of any current rules and regulations laid down by the relevant governing bodies. Our compliance to all food health and safety measures is stringent.

Social and environmental standards are of paramount importance to us – especially regarding responsible and sustainable sourcing of ingredients. We can assure customers that all producers and growers in our supply chain receive a fair price for their produce.

All the licences we require to carry out our business in adherence with current laws are updated as soon as new legislation is introduced. Similarly, we label our products to strictly comply with regulations and we ensure contents are listed clearly and legibly.

We ensure all staff and our affiliates are trained in, and adhere to, all international health codes and requirements.

Can’t say fairer than that!